What you will learn?

Make a habit to refuse single-use plastic items - Learn to reduce your plastic waste by 80% - Build a zero-waste pantry - Move to reusable bathroom and kitchen essentials - Master correct recycling practices

What's in it for you?

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    RE-THINK Plastics

    • Quiz: What is the real impact of plastics & your habits?

    • Learn what goes on behind the scenes

  • 3

    It's up to YOU!

    • What is your plastic footprint?

    • 4R's to ROF-it and cut your plastic waste by 80%

  • 4

    REFUSE One-off Plastics

    • Refuse One-off Plastics

    • ROF it! Zero-Waste Out & About

    • "R 4 Refuse" Checklist

    • Which plastic do you now REFUSE to buy?

  • 5

    REDUCE packaged groceries

    • Reduce packaged groceries

    • ROF it! Zero Waste Pantry

    • "R 4 Reduce" Checklist

    • How did you REDUCE Packaged Grocery?

  • 6

    REPLACE plastic at home

    • Replace plastic at home

    • ROF-it! Swap 15 plastic items at home

    • "R 4 Replace" Checklist

    • What have you REPLACED at home?

  • 7

    RECYCLE Correctly

    • Recycle Leftover Plastics Correctly

    • ROF-it! Create a Recycling Station

    • "R 4 Recycle" Checklist

    • How do you RECYCLE?

  • 8


    • How to get your certificate

  • 9

    Dive Deeper - Podcast Series

    • Closed Loop Cleaning & Personal Care with Mike, Founder @ ZeroCO

    • Plant based & compostable packaging with Ellen, Founder @ WeBarNone

    • Safety & circularity through reusable packaging with Hayle, MD @ Onya

    • End take-away food packaging waste with Veronica, Founder @Retub

    • Supporting local zero-waste alternatives with Ellie, Founder @ Go for Zero

    • Recycle your soft plastics into useful products with Christie @ Replas

    • A deep dive into the beauty of our oceans with Alice Forrest, Marine Biologist

    • Sustainable Plastic Habits with Manuel, Founder @ Coaching for Cause

  • Subject

    Plastic-Free Living

  • Duration

    60mins standard class; 2-3h with additional resources

  • Type of course

    Self paced on your own time

  • Level

    Beginner - Intermediary

  • Tags

    #reduceplastics #noplastics #zerowaste #refusesingleuse #marineplastics

Bonus materials

  • Podcasts

    7 expert podcasts with: Mike Founder of ZeroCo, Hayley MD of Onya, Ellen Founder of WeBarNone, Veronica Founder of Retub, Manu Founder Coaching for Cause, Alice Forrest Marine Biologist

  • Challenges

    Challenge yourself with our monthly games & activities to reduce your plastic footprint event further

  • Impact tracking

    Take our impact survey and receive your plastics footprint. Track your progress and keep improving

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    We have partnered with ZeroCo and WeBarNone to offer you some specials. By choosing the course, you will: receive $10 off any purchases with Zero and 20% off any purchases with WeBarNone.

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Beyond Reusables. Reduce your plastic waste by 80%

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