What you will learn

- Master a minimalist, low-waste and social approach to fashion - Create a capsule wardrobe of items you truly love - Learn to refuse compulsive shopping - Reuse and mix & match what you already have - Recover what you own, without wasting resources & money

The course is full of gamification, impact measurement, expert podcasts & videos to create a truly engaging learning experience that focuses on the solutions!

Course structure

  • 2

    RE-THINK Fashion

    • Quizz: What is the real impact of our fashion habits?

    • Learn what goes on behind the scenes

  • 3

    It's up to YOU!

    • What is your fashion footprint?

    • 4R's to ROF-it with your closet!

  • 4

    REFUSE Compulsive Shopping

    • The single most impactful action

    • ROF it! No new clothes challenge

    • "R 4 Refuse" checklist

  • 5

    REDUCE the Number of Clothes

    • Detox your closet

    • ROF it! Complete a 30x30 remix

    • "R 4 Reduce" checklist

  • 6

    REUSE What's Already in Circulation

    • Choose second hand

    • ROF it! Organise a swap event

    • "R 4 Reuse" checklist

  • 7

    RECOVER, Don't Waste Resources

    • Give your clothes a second life

    • ROF it! Up-cycle tee into a tote!

    • "R 4 Recover" checklist

  • 8


    • Get you certificate of completion

    • How to get your certificate

  • 9

    Dive Deeper - Podcast Series

    • Op-shop like a slow fashionista

    • Clothes swap & responsible fashion choices with Chloe from @BeKindCoco

    • #Be a Homie

    • Choose sustainable commute wear with Jen, from A BeauT Commute

    • 2nd-hand shopping while supporting women empowerment with Reluv

    • Conscious living with vegan fashion model and editor

  • 10

    Dive Deeper - Extra Resources

    • Laundry tips for your clothes & the planet

    • Microfibers: problem & solutions

    • Tips for a small closet

    • DIY - Clothing repair & up-cycle

  • 11

    Conclusions & Rewards

    • Congratulations! here are some additional perks just for you =)

  • Subject

    Slow & Ethical Fashion

  • Duration

    60mins standard class; 2-3h with additional resources

  • Type of course

    Self paced on your own time

  • Level

    Beginner - Intermediary

  • Tags

    #sustainablefashion #ethicalfashion #ethicalclothing #capsulewardrobe

Bonus materials

  • Podcasts

    5 expert podcasts with: Marcus from Homie, Chloe from BeKindCoco, Jenna Ironic Minimalist, Jen from Thredden, Karen from Reluv

  • Challenges

    Challenge yourself with our monthly games & activities to reduce your fashion footprint even further

  • Impact tracking

    Take our impact survey and receive your fashion footprint. Track your progress and keep improving

  • Product bundles

    We have partnered with Patagonia and Homie to offer you some specials. By choosing the course, you will: get a chance to win a Patagonia product bundle valued at $225. With Homie you have access to a 10% discount on their product range.

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Meet our supporters

Chloe Be Kind Coco

Slow & ethical fashion blogger

Jen Ironic Minimalist

Op shopping & second hand expert

The ROF 'Create a Sustainable Capsule Wardrobe' course was very informative and helped me to understand the impact of my clothing choice. I liked that there were options for all the different lifestyles. As a slow fashion stylist, I am dedicated to helping people understand their fashion choices and the ROF guide is a perfect tool to do this.

Siroon Little bit of sunshine

Slow & ethical fashion blogger

Joined a few online courses but this one was the best!

Franziska Erhard

Well researched content, interactive and a really good price too!

Create your own capsule wardrobe today!

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