Interested in a more sustainable and regenerative future?

Watch the below video and find out how you can help realise this future as part of the City of Boroondara Circular Living Challenge.
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Join 300 households in Boroondara

The Circular Living Challenge is full of gamification, expert podcasts & videos to create a truly engaging learning experience that focuses on local circular solutions!
  • Subject

    Circular Economy

  • Duration

    August 1st - 30th

  • Type of course

    3 challenges per day

  • Level

    Beginner - Intermediary

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Bonus materials

  • Podcasts

    Expert podcasts with local sustainability pioneers: Homie, Reluv, Green Power, Future Crunch, OZ Harvest, Onya, Replas, Go for Zero and more.

  • Challenges

    Challenge yourself and earn points each day. Answer quizzes, share your experience, join community events or visit local partners.

  • Impact tracking

    Take our impact survey and help the community of Boroondara to measure the impact of hundreds of individuals embracing circular living.

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Circular Economy Victoria

CEV is continuously developing empowerment programmes with key partners in Victoria to help turn ideas into positive impact.

Sustainability Instructor

Reducing Our Footprint

We are "Reducing our Footprint" (aka ROF), a sustainability start-up fostering the shift towards the circular economy through corporate training, community events and business solutions.

Meet our supporters

Such a great challenge!

Chloe Foreman

I knew little about circular living before and have learnt so much more in a really simple and fun way. I never felt pressure nor guilt about any mistakes I made and felt like a good friend was guiding me along.

Very informative


The challenge was very informative and helped me to understand the impact of my purchase decision. I liked that there were options for all the different lifestyles.

Joined a few online courses but this one was the best!

Franziska Erhard

Well researched content, interactive and fun to do! The task scoring systems were fantastic so I knew the positive impact my actions were making and I loved how much of the course I could tailor to me as I went along.